Footy has changed as we know it for the foreseeable future. While we can now see the Eagles returning on our screens, getting into a stadium to watch the team is still a while away for most of us.

How can we share our excitement, thrill, and suspense in an age of social distancing? How do we bring the atmosphere of live sport to the living room?

How do we scream and cheer together when Nic Nat grabs a hanger inside 50?

With Sofacheer you can join hundreds of other Eagles fans who are watching the same game at the same time. You get the atmosphere of the crowd with all the cheering, heckling, and chanting via our shared audio feed.

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What is Sofa Cheer?

Sofacheer is a community of sports fans watching live sport from home. It is the life members, the season pass holders, the casual attendees, the fair-weather supporters, it is everyone who wants to watch live sport and to join and share the experience.

Sofacheer members can join sports groups and attend events for free. Each event page on Sofacheer connects you to all the other fans who are watching via your microphone and speakers so you can watch together in realtime.

Forget pre-recorded soundtracks and other gimmicks that TV networks have tried to fill the gap of packed stadiums, only a real live crowd of fans can provide the true feeling of live sport. The rising noise as momentum builds, the crushing sighs of a missed opportunity, and the truly emotional celebration and cheer of a great moment of live sport.

How to use Sofa Cheer

  1. Sign up for a Free Sofacheer account
  2. Tune in to the footy as you normally do
  3. Join the relevant Sofacheer event and cheer for the Tigers!

It is that simple, but if you want to know a bit more then check out the links below.

If you still have questions then shout out here, or on our social media. We are a friendly bunch who just want to make live sport at home more enjoyable for everyone.

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