Tips for using Sofacheer

Overtime this post will grow with the help of your feedback. If you have any tips or suggestions for the Sofacheer community, drop them below in the comments.


One of the biggest challenges is audio feedback. With all the Sofacheer users watching the same sport at the same time our noise cancelling filters are having to work overtime.

During our testing and use of Sofacheer we have found the best audio quality for everyone is when using a laptop with built-in microphone and speakers, situated as far from the TV or source of sound for the live sport as possible.

The less that your Sofacheer connection picks up the audio from the sport the better.

The more that your Sofacheer connection picks up from your cheering the better.


Mobile support is provided for most recent Android and Apple phones. On Apple iOS devices you must use Safari as your browser for connecting to a Sofa Cheer event.


Chat is enabled with the event audio for registered users. Please use the chat feature for any support issues during an event.

To access chat, either press the chat icon in the bottom of the audio box, or click anywhere in the audio box and press ‘c’.

On mobile you can access chat via the menu button.

More to come…

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